Saturday, 10 October 2009

How to know the specification of computer hardware

By using the software, we can find the computer hardware specifications that are used. There are several ways to find out is by using system properties, direcx diagnostic tools, or use a third-party applications such as cpu-z, etc..

I. Using the DirectX diagnostic tool (built in windows application )

If your computer has not installed cpu-z software, you can use this way
a. In the startmenu select run, type dxdiag, and press OK

b. Wait until the dialog box appears ,
On the system tab there is information that is used OS, BIOS, Moteherboard, Memory
On the Display tab there is information display device (VGA)
On another tab there is information decice Sound, Network, etc.

c. The information display device (VGA)

II. This way better, than the first way, but you must have cpu-z applications on your computer.

a. If not, you can download it at
click Download Latestt version (to download the latest version)

b. Extract the downloaded file to unzip it (winrar). Click cpuz.exe to activate cpuz

c. Will appear the information about the CPU (processor), Mainboard, Memory (select the tab of each category to see the specification details)

References: Artikel Komputer

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