Saturday, 16 May 2009

Map Digitization

Map Digitization is the process of changing the map format from Raster to vector format. In the arc gis there are options in the form of data: point, polyline, polygon.

In practice this will be done to digitize the administration map

Working procedure:

1. Click on the toolbar editor Editor, click Start editing, select the layer petaadministrasi2.shp click OK. Make sure the columns in the selected target petaadministrasi2 (so the data stored in the polygon layer petaadministrasi2).

2. In the Task column select Create New Feature, click the pen button to start digitizing.

You can start by clicking the adminisrasi limit, and after double click. The result may look like the image below

3. Click the polygon boundaries are administrative
4. In the Task column select Cut Polygon Feature
5. Click on the start point A and ends at point B, (try a line so that you make are cut administrative boundary polygon)

6. If success then result may look like the image below

7. Do the same for the other districts.

Results digitasi akan looks as follows:

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  1. thank u so much ,, very useful for beginners,, expecting some more

  2. Hi Andi,
    I am a new visitor to your blog. Was searching about digitization and this space seems to impart digitization processing in a simple way. I would like to share the information of this tutorial with some of my friends.Conversion from raster to vector is explained as simple as possible. It would have been better if you could also have specified the name of the software used for GIS vector conversion.


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