Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How to uninstall built-in windows applications

There may be among the friends on the computer abundant innate applications installed by default when installing windows, for example: msn explorer, msn messenger, internet games, etc.. Actually the application if not you can use the uninstall or delete it, so not too burdensome windows and your computer.

In this discussion I will unistall Internet gaming applications, because I do not need the internet game. If you are using Windows XP SP2 you can see in the Start -> Programs -> Games

1. To uninstall the program
Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel

2. Select Add Remove Programs icon

3. On the left window, select key select Add remove windows components

4. Ensure Accessories and utilities (checked and highlighted)
then click the Details button

5. Ensure Games (checked and highlighted)
then click the Details button

6. check out internet games
Click OK

Then return to the dialog box (step 5) click the OK button
Then return to the dialog box (step 4) click the Next button

7. Then begin the process of uninstalling programs
Wait until finished. Click the Finish button

8. If you open the Start menu, then Internet has erased the game are like the following picture:

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