Thursday, 24 December 2009

How to Uninstall Tablet PC components at windows 7

Windows 7 provides component features a tablet PC, this feature works only if the type of computer you're using a tablet PC type, information about the tablet pc can be found here tablet pc. If you only use a PC (desktop) or a notebook, you better turn off the service or uninstall the tablet PC tablet pc components to improve windows 7 performance.

To uninstall the tablet PC in windows 7 can do the following procedure:

1. At the start menu, select Control Panel

Uninstall tablet PC
2. Select Programs

tablet PC Windows 7

3. Turn windows features on or off

turn off tablet pc

4. Remove the check mark on the tablet PC components
Click OK

improve windows 7

5. Wait until uninstall process is complete

windows 7 performance

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