Thursday, 12 February 2009

Update manually AVG Antivirus Free Edition 8

Update antivirus AVG Free edition can be done online and its can be updated manually.

To update AVG Antivirus Free Edition manually, do the following procedures:

1. Download the latest AVG update defenition, (ektension .bin)
To download the update use the link below

2. Run AVG Antivirus Free Edition

update avg antivirus
3. On the Tools menu click "update from directory", select the file update AVG Antivirus Free Edition, click the OK button, wait until the update is completed.

avg free4. Wait until a message appears that the update has been successfully

5. To download the installer AVG Antivirus, click here

In addition you can see other free antivirus here avira

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  1. I'll install Avira antivirus, so that my laptop safe from virus infection, thanks for the guide to install.


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