Saturday, 30 October 2010

How to install google maps on blogspot (displays a map in blog )

There may be among friends who want to install the maps from google map for maps and satellite images to appear on the blog. This map can help visitors find your site or location. Google allows users to select a specific location on a map, the map can then be put to a blog at no charge (free).

All you have to do is just need to open a google site map, select the place / location on the map then you copy the script that is available to be installed on the blog.

Examples of maps that can be displayed on the blog can be found here:

Monday, 25 October 2010

Sony stop selling the Walkman in Japan

Sony stop selling the Walkman in Japan. Electronics company "Sony" said it would not longer sell portable music players (Walkman) in Japan.

Sony has stopped production of the cassette Walkman and the remaining inventory in stores Japan is the final product.

Based on research from a team sony "The way consumers listen to music has many moves to digital audio," so that "Sony decided to end sales of Walkman because demand for the Walkman cassette player has been reduced".
But Sony still be producing and selling Walkman outside of Japan. According to Sony, the demand for cassette player outside of Japan still exists. The Japanese demand was not there.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Auto Mute software utility to make a PC silent

Auto Mute software utility to make a PC silent when it's turning on or is waking up. A solution is as easy as a pie! The sound is automatically muted when the computer is turning off or is going to sleep/suspend mode. Also there is an option to mute sound when screensaver appears. So the next system start is absolutely silent even if you forgot to turn the sound off in previous session. After restart you can unmute sound effects manually, using a shortcut combination. Moreover, you may use this keyboard shortcut to quickly switch the sound on and off when working.

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