Saturday, 30 October 2010

How to install google maps on blogspot (displays a map in blog )

There may be among friends who want to install the maps from google map for maps and satellite images to appear on the blog. This map can help visitors find your site or location. Google allows users to select a specific location on a map, the map can then be put to a blog at no charge (free).

All you have to do is just need to open a google site map, select the place / location on the map then you copy the script that is available to be installed on the blog.

Examples of maps that can be displayed on the blog can be found here:

or satellite images (there are several locations on the map using Ikonos and Quickbird imagery for urban locations and Landsat imagery for areas that are rarely settlements.

In order for the maps and satellite images can appear on your blogspot blog, perform the following procedures:

1. Go to site  google maps
In the search box type in your location, in this example uses the location of "Makasar"
In addition to seeking the search box can also use the shift key and zoom keys (slidebar vertical zoom)
2. After the meet location, click the link button on the right of the map (web page)

 If you want to change map size, Click on the link "Customize and preview embedded map"

3. Will open the page
Set the size of the map on the customize
then copy the script that is at the very bottom of the page,

4. Enter the script to the gadget html / javascript blogspot

Examples of blogs that telag attached map google map can be found here computer blog

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