Wednesday, 3 November 2010

PDF files are vulnerable to virus attacks?

PDF files are vulnerable to virus attacks?
Portable Document Format (PDF) is a document format that is currently widely used by computer users. Events are unfortunately exploited by malware authors who deliberately makes an easy target for malware attacks. The malware authors do ekslpoit on a number of weaknesses in Adobe's PDF, so that format can not be used.

More than 50% of attacks carried out via the Trojan to a PDF file. The majority of the attackers developed from traditional attack methods such as email, the attack on the PDF, which is considered as the simplest way to spread malware all over the Internet in the world. PDF is often used as a target of malware since doing plug-in support in a web browser. When a user visits a malicious web, PDF documents served by HTTP, and during the process of malware into the user's machine without realizing it.

Lately there are many dangerous PDFs stored on the Internet site and ready to attack users. As we know, PDF is one of the most popular file formats and used as a standard document format in the United States and many other countries, to distribute documents such as tax reporting office reports, business reports and other official documents. PDF is widely used to ebook formats, ebook format has long been used, but the malware attacks that infiltrate into it just began to bloom lately.

Why PDF is used as a media malware spreader? Here are a few reasons:
1. PDF is widely used (tax returns, pay slip, ebook, office reports, business reports etc.)
2. PDF is able to run active content such as JavaScript
3. PDF capable of making HTTP requests
4. PDF capable of running rich media formats (Swf,. Avi,. Mpeg,. Asf,. Wmv,. Wmx, and. SPL).

Based on all the features of it, it can be said that the PDF classified as active content. Other formats PDF is also capable of being a target, such as Flash [SWF], can become weak when combined with the PDF.

Some time last known that increasing the level of weakness PDF. The worm attack on the PDF increases with ineffective techniques developed by the antivirus that can detect the new attack trends.

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