Monday, 8 November 2010

How to install greasemonkey on firefox to download ebook from google book

How to install greasemonkey on firefox to download ebook google book. Greasemonkey is one of the add-ons that can be used free of charge. This post is created to help friends who are beginners and trouble to download book on google books.

To install greasemonkey, do the following procedure:
1. Open the Firefox browser
2. Open the following pages to install the addon greasemonkey

Will open the page as below, click the "Add to Firefox"

If you have not registered as a member, click the register button on the top right corner of the page, if already registered as a member in firefox login with your email account and password firefox

2. After pressing the "Add to Firefox", will appear the following dialog box:
Click "Install Now"

Wait until the process is complete install greasemonkey in firefox
Dialog box will appear , click button  restart firefox

After fiirefox open again, then the add-on greasemonkey will be active.
The next step is to install user script google book downloader

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