Thursday, 30 July 2009

How to manually update Avira Antivir Personal Edition version 9

Avira Antivirus product an Personal Edition version 9 (freeware). In the version 9 has added several new features and improvements to the database engine so that further increase the accuracy in detecting the virus-the virus that developed at this time. To have your antivirus to work optimally you need to update regularly. Can update way online or manually (offline).

1. after you download and install avira antivirus on your computer. then you need to update antivirus databases on a regular base, in order to identify the latest virus-virus.

2.Update online:
Right-click on the icon avira (on the taskbar to the right below)
select the Start Update ...

2. If you want to update manually (offline) then you must have defenition file, you can copy the friends I already have the update file, or download directly on the site authorized.
you can download here

3. To start the update manually (offline)
On the menu bar select "Update -> Manual Update ..

4. Dialog box will appear as below
Find the folder / file that contains update antivirus
Click Open
Then you will start antivirus updated

5. To download the installer Antivir, click here

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