Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Power Function

Microsoft excel has provided power function. You can calculate the power of a number. For example you can see the following examples:

1. create a table like the following
We will calculate the power of the existing numbers in column A, then calculate the power (power 2 in column B) and power 4 in column C

2. Below we will try to use the power formula;
General formula:

= POWER (number, power)

a. the input formula B4 cells
= POWER (A4, 2)
b. In the cells enter the formula C 4
= POWER (A4, 4)

You also can use another formula, such as:
General formula

= number ^ power

a. In cell B11 type the formula
= A11 ^ 2
b.a In cell C11 type formula
= A11 ^ 4

You can see the result as below

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