Friday, 14 August 2009

How to download videos from youtube using keepvid

In addition to using software such as youtube downloader, flash downloader, orbit downloader, free download manager, internet download manager, and other applications to download videos in youtube. You can download the video using the video downloader facilities provided by the keepvid website.

To download the video using keepvid, can do the following procedures:

1. Open the youtube site, select the video will be downloaded
In this example I use the link:
Video Title: ford sable smashes aerostar van (about car mercedes benz , ferrari)
(you can see in your browser / addres bar)

2. Open keepvid site, please click here

enter the youtube link (url) of the video file will be downloaded
Click the button "Download"

3. There are 2 options, namely high quality and low quality
select one of them.
Click the "Download"

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