Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Earn money (dollar) from Linkshowoff

Linkshowoff which helps publishers to easily sell links on their sites/blogs without the fear of being penalised by google for it cos the links in this widget are made "nofollow" . If you like this widget and want to put one on your site/blog then please sign up through my referral link click here

About Linkshowoff

Will Google penalize me for using LinkShowOff?
No - Google does not penalize for selling nofollow links. The links shown in the LinkShowOff widget are made nofollow as per Google's guidelines.

How much can I earn?
How much you earn depends on how you price your advertising and whether advertisers think your site is suitable for their purposes.

Are subdomain (.blogspot, etc) blogs and websites allowed in the marketplace?
As long as you can add a JavaScript widget to your website, you can use LinkShowOff.

How long do links stay on the widget?
Links stay on the widget forever until they are bumped off by newer links. For example, if you set a max amount of five links on your widget and you achieve that number, the next link bought will take the place of the first link, the first link will be bumped down to the second link, and so on. The fifth link would be removed overall from the widget.

Are there any fees or revenue sharing?
We charge a small fixed transaction fee of $3 on every payout made monthly to our widget users, but that’s it. For example, if you earn a total sum of $100, you will be paid $97.

How do advertisers find widgets to advertise on?
Advertisers can use our site marketplace to find websites to put their links on. In addition to that, if they come upon a site with the widget they can simply click on it to go directly to the advertising page.

What are the payment methods?
All payments will be made by Paypal.

What's the minimum payout limit?
The minimum payout limit is $10.

Is there any referral system?
Yes, you will get $3 for every referral that earns $3.

What happens if a publisher disapproves of a link?
If a publisher finds a link inappropriate it can be taken off and the advertiser will be refunded in full.


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