Friday, 4 September 2009

How to capture video images using Power DVD

For friends who often watch a video (movie) may have often capture (screenshot / snapshot), or take pictures from the video is playing (play) by your media player. One of the video capture software is Cyberlink Power DVD (I use version 6). Cyberlink Power DVD application is sometimes a bonus when you buy a DVD /-RW Player DVVD. (I got this software when buying Asus DVD player, every brand DVD player may be different gift or complement)

To capture the video into images, can do the following procedure:

1. In the control panel, click the settings button (the hammer-screwdriver button)

2. Select tabulation player
Click Advanced

3. Select tabulation snapshot
Select Capture to file
You can adjust the location / folder where you store files in the capture of another folder by selecting the browse button

Click OK

4. Open / run your video or film. when the video is playing then the capture button (located on the control panel will be active).
Click the capture button (camera button) to capture video images, capture files will be stored in folders that you specify (see step 3)

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