Thursday, 8 October 2009

How to uninstall / remove programs (applications) on windows

To unistall (remove) an application already installed on your computer, then one way is to find the uninstall shortcut, usually in the group folder in the start menu shortcut.

Suppose we'll remove AVG Antivirus application, then straight to the startmenu can then locate the folder shortcut .... click Uninstall AVG
AVG automatically be deleted from your computer ...

If at any time you have an application that has no uninstall shortcut in the startmenu, it could do under this alternative

1. In the startmenu select Start => Settings => Control Panel

2. In the control panel dialog box click on "Add or Remove Programs

3. Select the Applications to be removed, for example, AVG Free 8, click the Change / Remove

If the normal process, the application automatically will be deleted AVG

In addition to the above you can also use the application / third-party utility to do uninstall the program.

Sometimes there are applications that can not be removed (probably because of bugs or not compatible with windows) cause the application can not be uninstalled. For this case I will discuss in another occasion, essentially the way I normally do this through the elimination of windows registry

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