Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Using disk cleanup to clean windows temporer files (junk files)

Temporary files are files created by windows or other applications and temporarily stored in the hard drive. This file is typically used by an application running at the time, but at the time the application is closed, temporary files should be automatically discarded it was not all wasted (deleted), probably because of the bugs (errors) or the program is not compatible with windows application. If the file is not removed then the longer if you are running the application will increase temporary files, so that it can burden your hard drive and windows.

Built in windows applications to remove temporary windows files are disk cleanup. The following tutorials use the disc cleanup.

1. On the Start menu, select Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk cleanup

2. Select the drive you are going to clean the temporer file

3. Click the OK button, the dialog box will appear scanning process

4. In the next dialog box check all the options in the list, then click the OK button. then the garbage files will be deleted.

References: Artikel Komputer

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