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List of error or bug in excel 2003

List of error or bug in excel 2003
1.You receive "The file may have been changed..." error message when you save a workbook to a network server in Excel 2002 or in Excel 2003
2.You cannot change a link path when an Excel Add-In is not loaded
3. Excel Abruptly Quits When You Save a Workbook
4. Unable To Read File" Error Message When You Open a Workbook and Try to Update Links
5. Using a field alias in Query does not work with some third-party databases
6. You Cannot Open Excel Files in Windows Explorer After You Use the Text Import Wizard
7. VBA Error on Macro Startup If You Open Multiple Excel Instances with RefEdit Control
8. Pivot Table Fields Do Not Function After Excel Repairs and Recovers File
9. You Receive Error Messages When You Delete Multiple Columns from a Graph
10. The CPU Usage Is 100 Percent When You Copy a Large Sheet in Excel
11. Hyperlink Syntax Does Not Save Correctly When You Save an Excel File as an HTML Page
12. Excel Stops Responding When Subtotals Are Removed
13. Edits to PivotTables Do Not Bring Back New Columns
14. AutoCalculate feature is working even if that feature is turned off
15. Workbook Is Slow to Open
16. Workbook Unexpectedly Closes Immediately After You Open It
17. Excel Quits When You Click an ActiveX Control
18. Custom Toolbars Are Lost After You Quit Excel
19. Excel May Stop Responding If You Call Calculate from an Asynchronous COM Event
20. Excel May Stop Responding When You Try to Edit a Long Formula That Contains a Link
21. Excel cannot complete this task with available resources" error message when you try to view the tracked changes in Excel 2002
22. Excel Appears to Stop Responding When You Remove Subtotals
23. Data Labels Disappear If Value Is Greater Than Axis Maximum
24. Cannot see data that you copy from Excel 2002 in FrontPage 2002 preview
25. An Additional "Object" Workbook Opens and Excel Appears to Stop Responding
26. Combo Box Values Revert to Defaults After Another Combo Box Is Used
27. You Cannot Update Links to Files on Secure Web Server
28. Unable to Read File" Error Message When You Open a Workbook
29. Links in OLE Object Do Not Automatically Update When You Open a File in Windows Explorer
30. Excel Appears to Stop Responding While Converting Text to Columns in Earlier Version Worksheet
31. Excel Data Changes Font Format After You Edit the Excel Data in Word
32. Labels in Pasted Excel Chart Object Are Distorted, Unreadable, or Incomplete
33. Time Calculation in Pivot Table May Not Be Accurate
34. Unable to Read File" Error Message When You Open Excel File That Contains a PivotTable Report
35. Comments Appear in the Wrong Place in Workbook Saved As Web Page
36. Excel Quits When You Draw a Connector Line on a Chart
37. DDE Clients Cannot Use a RUN Command to Run an Inline Macro After a Security Update
38. Workbook Does Not Print When You Use Excel on a Tablet PC
39. Error Message: Run-Time Error:'13' Type Mismatch
40. Incorrect file origin is listed when you open a text file in Excel 2002
41. Date Formats Are Lost When You Programmatically Move Data from One Range to Another
42. Some Text Box Hyperlinks Do Not Work After You Save a Workbook As a Web Page
43. Excel Quits Unexpectedly with an Error Message When You Close an Excel Workbook That Contains DDE Links

You can download error fix here ..bug in excel 2003 

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