Thursday, 17 June 2010

Free javascript hosting

Sometimes if you create a blog on a free hosting like blogspot, so to beautify the look of a blog requires a javascript file, but blogger does not allow for hosting a javascript file javacript exception file is inserted into the gadget html / javascript. Solutions to overcome this is to utilize the free javascript hosting

Free JavaScript Hosting can help you to host a javascript file, and use the direct link or a link to access the external javascript file from the blog.
This service is free, and available a premium service. Premium service certainly has better performance than free for hosting your javascript.
You can upload and share your javascript file on the site below:


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  1. I haven't heard of the free JavaScript hosting before i see it in ur blog.It helps me a lot dude as am newbie as a designer, it definitely makes a great post for me.

  2. Java Script Hosting is new method for hosting field. It's cheapest and easily to implemented your site. It's great hosting

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