Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Make related post with thumbnails in blogger (blogspot)

In addition to making related post in text form, we can also make a related post with thumbnails in the blog. Related post with thumbnails by default will take pictures in the post to serve as a thumbnail in the related article, if in the post did not exist then the thumbnail image will be blank.

A site that provides services to make related post with thumbnails is http://www.linkwithin.com

To create a pictorial post relared following procedure:

1. Go to site linkwithin

2. Enter the email, domain, and blog platform
Click Get Widget button

3. Click the Install widget

4. Select the script that is available

5. Login to Blogger
Add a gadget html / javascript, copy the script in step 4 into the gadget html / javascript
Put the gadget html / javascript under the posts

 Drag the gadget htm/javascript to the bottom of the post

Examples of blogs that use linkwithin can be found here Blogger Blog 

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