Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How to Fix dead pixel on LCD monitor (dead pixel repair)

How to Fix dead pixel on LCD monitor (dead pixel repair). For users of LCD monitors, sometimes comes a point at which the screen can not display color properly. Dots on the screen is sometimes the color is just the same as changing the monitor display. So often reduces the quality of the display. The point at which the broken screen usually called Dead pixel or Stuck Pixel . We can fix dead pixels is to use the software Pixel Doctor

By using Pixel Doctor we can check and repair dead pixels are dead pixels.
If the damage is permanent pixel on the LCD, the pixel can not be fixed again. Thus, this software does not guarantee success 100% pixel repair. This software can be used to fix a dead pixel on the LCD or Plasma TV . This software can run on Windows operating system and licenses Freeware (Free)

Download here Fix dead pixel

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