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Calculate angles using the arcsin, Arccos, arctan in excel 2007

Arcsin function is a trigonometric function that is used to calculate the inverse sinevalue, while the arccos are inverse cosine function, and atan is the inverse tangent function.
This function is an inverse function of sin, cos, tan. In general, writing formulas in Excel can be seen below

arc sine ---> ASIN (number)
arc cosine ---> ACOS (number)
arc tan -----> ATAN (number)

Note: a number in radians domain
To display the results of the inverse sine, cosine, tangent in degrees then the formula above needs to be simplified by multiplying by 180/PI () or by combiningthe functions DEGREES

In general the writing of ASIN(), ACOS (), and ATAN() in mathematical equations can be seen below


1. Create a table below

2. Insert formula:
a. Calculating the value of arcus sine, in cell B3 enter the formula = ASIN (A3) *180/PI () or in cell C3 enter the formula = DEGREES (ASIN (A3))
b. Calculating the value of the arc cosine (inverse cos), type the formula in cell D3= ACOS (A3) * 180/PI ()
c. Calculating the value of arc tan (inverse tan) in cell E3 enter the formula = ATAN(A3) * 180/PI ()

The result will look like below

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