Friday, 7 October 2011

Free audio converter amr to mp3/wav, wav/mp3 to amr

Amr audio file format was first made for mobile, if the amr file to be run on a computer requires a software amr player, or can also be a way to convert audio files into mp3 format to audio files can be read on the mp3 player like winamp or windows media player.

This amr converter software now widely available on the internet with a variety of character types licence from free (freeware) or paid/commercial. Free amr converter software which can be used such as:

1. Amr player plus amr converter
This software other than as a player amr file extension, can also be used to convert amr files into mp3 (amr to mp3), or to wav (amr to wav) as well as from mp3/wav to amr
The advantages of this software is able to convert amr files into mp3, mp3 files conversion result is small enough, The weaknesses of this software can only convert audio files one by one, making it quite inconvenient if you want to convert hundreds of files amr.

To use, simply add files to the list amr player amr file using the Add File button, then highlight one file in the file list, then click the AMR to MP3 button

If you want other features and tries to download this software can see here amr converter

2. Amr to mp3 converter
The weakness of this software is an audio file conversion results amr player amr to mp3 converter software is greater than the conversion result amr player, can only convert amr files into mp3 or vice versa mp3 to amr
Advantage of this free software is able to convert many files simultaneously, so it is more efficient than its operational aspects.

To use this software is quite easy, first click the Add amr audio button , then click the top file in the list of "Amr Audio File", then click the "convert to mp3" button, the software will do the conversion to amr file, after the first file finish converted then software automatically will convert on the second file and so on until all the amr files is converted.

This software can be downloaded here amr to mp3 converter

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