Friday, 7 October 2011

Microsoft Excel Tutorials

Microsoft Excel is a powerfull spreadsheet application that can be use for calculation of dataset, create graph, make pivot tables, and customize procedure calculation using a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.

Below there are some tutorials  microsoft excel 2003 and 2007 for beginner.


1. Error 16 digit number in excel
2. List of error or bug in excel
3. What's new in Microsoft Office Excel 2007
4. Feature Specification and Limits of Microsoft Excel 2007

Text Function in Excel

1. Text function in excel
2. Counting the number of characters
3. Choosing the existing text in brackets

Mathematics Function in Excel

1. Power Function
2. Function square root (square)
3. Trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan)
4. Convert Decimal to Octal
5. Convert Decimal to Binary
7. Subtract matrix
8. Matrix multiplication
9. Matrix addition
10. Free primes number calculator
11. Random Function (RAND) and Random Between (RANDBETWEEN) in excel
12. Calculate angles using the arcsin, Arccos, arctan in excel 2007
13.Calculate circumference of a circle in excel
14. How to Calculate the Area of a Circle

Statistics Functions

1. Using AVERAGEIF in excel
2. Function AVERAGEIFS in excel
3. Average function in excel
4. Calculate Median in excel
5. Calculate mode (modus) in excel
6. Calculate weighted averages in Excel
7. Calculate skewness in excel
8. Calculate standard deviation in excel
9. Calculate kurtosis in excel

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  1. makasih tutorial ms excelnya.

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  3. Honestly pivot table demonstration is interactive, where you can use the Report Filters, at the top of the pivot table, if you want limit the amount of data that is being summarized.


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