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Create cosine graph/plot cosine wave in excel

With Using Microsoft Excel, we can make a variety of curves from mathemathic functions such as trigonometric functions : sine curve, cosine, tangent, hyperbolic sine (sinh), cosec (cosecant), sec, etc.. In addition trigonometry function can also be made logarithmic curve, the exponential curve, linear curve, the curve da various other mathematical equations. Basically to make a curve of mathematical equations in excel, need data that can be sorted vertically or horizontally. By using graphics features available in Excel toolbar, then we can easily create a graph cosines

In this post will be discussed on how to graph cosine in excel 2007 (special for beginner). Please follow the procedures of cosine graph below:

1. In an excel worksheet create data like below
Column A in the range A3: A27 is filled with angle data  (in units of degrees), starting from zero up to 360 with intervals of 15 degrees.
Column B is filled with a formula to calculate the cosine of the angle contained in column A
in cell B3 enter the formula "= COS (radians (A3))" without quotes
Copy the formula in cell B3 up to B27

2. To get started create a chart, Block range A3: B27
On the menu bar choose Insert - Scatter - "Choose one of the main scatter model (see figure below)"

3. If the process succeeds then graphics cosine (cosine curve) will appear as below

If you interest with this tutorial, Sample files can be downloaded here cosine curve

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