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Calculate body mass index (bmi formula) in excel 2007

How to calculate ideal body weight in Excel 2007. With using microsoft excel we can calculate an ideal body weight which refers to the formula for calculating ideal body weight according to Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index (BMI) is an ideal weight calculation is based on the formula:
BMI (BMI) = Weight (kg) / (height (m) x Height (m)
If the index has been obtained from the above calculation, the next step is to match your weight criteria of BMI according to the version of the WHO (World Health Organisation):
a.BMI <18.5 means Underweight
b. BMI 18.5 - 24.9 means you ideal weight
c. BMI 25 - 29.9 means over weight
d. BMI >= 30 means obese

To calculate your ideal weight in excel do the following:
Create a table as below

In cell B5 type the formula to calculate body mass index

=IF(OR(B4<>0,B3<>0),B3/((B4/100)*(B4/100)),"data should not be equal to zero")

Type the formula in cell B7 to determine the criteria
=IF(B5=0,"please check input data",IF(B5<18.5,"Underweight",IF(B5<24.9,"Normal weight",IF(B5<29.9,"Over weight","Obese"))))

Result table will show  like below

Example Files  in format xlsx can be downloaded here body mass index

Note: The above formula is not applicable for baby, kids and pregnant women
The following additional formulas:

A. Ideal Body Weight for baby/ children aged 0-12 months
IBW = (age (months) / 2) + 4

2. Ideal Body Weight  for children aged 1-10 years
IBW = (age (years) x 2) + 8

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