Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to back up and restore the registry in windows

Backup your registry is very important to do, in case something goes wrong when you edit the registry and you must restore the registry.. so if you have backup you still can restore to normal conditions.

Here's how to backup and restore the registry

A. to back up the registry do the following

1. On the Start menu, select Run type regedit

2. In the Registry Editor dialog box, select File => Export

3. Save the file, for example: backupreg12des (by default this file extention : reg, backupreg12des.reg)
Click the save button (this file any time you can use if something goes wrong in the registry settings)

B. Restore the registry to the initial (normal) conditions

Procedure I.
Search backupreg12des.reg file, then double click the file, the registry will be updated automatically (restore)

Procedure II
Sign in to regisrtry editor
on the menu bar, select File => Import
search files backupreg12des.reg (customize to your backup file), click OK.

You can use one of the two procedure

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