Thursday, 24 December 2009

How to Change the System Properties Logo in Windows 7

Maybe there among my friends who had seen at the system properties attached logo, image or photograph owner of the computer. Actually you can install their own pictures or photos on your computer's system properties. You only need to change some registry setting your windows 7.

For example you can see like picture below, there are pictures cats under the Windows logo (you can replace the image with your image size 3 x 4 cm) or image size approximately 120 x120 pixels

Windows 7

To add an image in the system properties windows 7, do the following procedure:

A. Change the image format into a bmp, I considered a friend had a picture in bmp format, rename the file to OEMLogo (in bmp format: OEMLogo.bmp)
B. Copy the image OEMLogo to directory C:/Windows/System32 /
(C is the drive where windows is installed )

C. Setting the registry

Before you start editing the registry should be doing backups

1. in the search box, type regedit and then enter

2. open directory
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ OEMInformation
OEMInformation directory, create a new string
right-click popup menu will appear, select New -> string value

System Properties Logo
3. will come new value # 1, replace with Logo

4. You can also klikkanan the new value # 1 select rename, type (replace) new value # 1 type (replace) new value # 1 with Logo

System Properties Logo in Windows 7

6. double-click on the logo, the value of data type:
\ Windows \ system32 \ OEMLogo.bmp

Logo Windows 7

Click OK
Restart the computer, if successful will appear a new logo in system properties

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  1. I put a logo on the system page another way, through some option I found in Windows 7, but I've since forgot how I did it. Rather mind wracking since I want to change it again.

  2. wecn put logo in windows directory. open>C:\Windows\System32\oem and put your image here & rename it SystemLogo.bmp
    restart your pC enjoy


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